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A Happy Vulva Balm - Really?


As we mentioned a few months back, we can't just stop creating. It's like an itch that just never stops (but a good one, if that makes any sense). Joining our newest product lineup this Spring; Mama Belly Balm and Happy Baby Balm, the word is out: Happy Vulva Balm is coming in Autumn 2020.

Why, you ask?
Riddle me this: Has there ever been a time THIS month (or last month) when you got something going on “down there”?

We at Calm a Mama have a marvelous product to calm you down and bring back the body happiness you deserve. 

Happy Vulva Balm contains ingredients that are genuinely divine, like avocado and coconut oil, shea butter, and aloe.

For calming and soothing when you need it most


The body beautiful. At all stages of life. That is the mindset that we, as mamas to be and mamas in the moment, should embrace. 

We think it is just as important and necessary to love and take care of yourself as much as you love and nurture your precious babe.

We’ve talked before about reducing stress in these times of global turbulence. And about taking care of your skin before and after babe.

It’s essential to look after yourself every step of the way. Sometimes, though, the body parts we can’t see, get left out of the picture.

We typically have an excellent facial regime, pampering our skin as we should. But we leave the sensitive skin of the vulvular area untouched. Often, this part of your incredible anatomy needs loving attention, too.


Changes during pregnancy

Things may seem pretty normal down there at the beginning of your pregnancy, but in the second trimester, the blood flow to the vagina and the vulva surrounding it becomes more intense. In the third trimester, you may feel swelling and a sense of pressure. 

This will be the ideal time for soothing with our super gentle balm. Like our other products, Happy Vulva Balm is 100% natural and safe and made from organic ingredients that won’t interfere with your body’s natural system. 

Happy Vulva Balm is made especially for the vulvular area surrounding the vagina and won’t cause changes to the delicate skin.


Changes when breastfeeding


Delivering a baby will bring a lot of changes to the vagina and surrounding area. It may take several months or even a year for your nether regions to return to their pre-pregnancy state. 


If you are breastfeeding, this change back to the way you were will most likely take longer. This is because breastfeeding will cause the estrogen levels that were lowered during pregnancy to stay that way.


Hormonal change can result in vaginal and vulvular dryness, and changes in skin elasticity. Tightness and discomfort could result. Turn to us for a remedy that is intimately soothing. Once beautiful babe has nursed and is napping or in bed for the night, use this organic balm to relieve and calm irritated vulvular tissues.


Just do it because you're worth it

We've all seen the Mastercard commercials (wait, was it VISA?) Will google in a minute, but seriously: Just do it. Yes, yes, we're not TRYING to be Nike here.

Sometimes, taking care of down there “just because” is another reason to use our beautiful balm. Suppose you are getting back to your pre-pregnancy exercise routine and are back into your fitted workout clothes, for example. In that case, you may feel uncomfortable just because of the sweat you produce.

The million Kegels you do may need some external help also, keeping everything soft and smooth, just saying.

If you’ve taken up biking like many others have during the pandemic (and good for you!), this newfound friction source may cause your lady parts to experience irritation. Soothe and calm after an awesome cycling session.


Also, using Calm a Mama Happy Vulva Balm as a way to refresh and feel good is something you can do for yourself just because you, beautiful mama, deserve it. Restore bodily harmony with some just for you time in the bath, wrapping it up by moisturizing your skin and stretch marks. Then experience joy by reveling in your original one and only you beauty with a facial regime, ending the spa time with a gentle application of Happy Vulva Balm.


Seek help if a problem persists


Of course, irritation down there that is more than minor or extremely itchy should be checked by your doctor as well. Keep your body healthy by drinking plenty of water and eating a diet that contains probiotic foods like plain Greek yogurt. Wear loose-fitting clothing and cotton underwear. Soak in the water-only tub and gently pat your vulva dry. 

There's only one teeny tiny bit of bad news:

At time of writing: It's not in-store yet.
BUT tell us you want to try it and let's get this all started.
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You know you want it!

Self-Care down there, c'mon.